About Zebra Blinds

Zebra window shades are window shades that have alternative material of blacked out fabric with transparent material in between to enable light to pass through.

Best thing about zebra window shades are you can keep your windows fully open while controlling the light coming in. You can adjust the shades to achieve semi-darkness or full darkness or full light in the room. There are separate shade types for each if you have specific needs.

Zebra blinds can easily provide your windows with a modern and sleek look. However, if you’re looking to explore different types of zebra blinds, they will mostly vary in the fabric type. The transparent netting can also be customized according to your needs.

Custom Designed & Fitted for you

Zebra shades are extremely versatile and can fit in any style home or business. They are considered “transitional” meaning they work with contemporary designs, as well as, traditional—and everywhere in between! Like a roller shade, they offer clean lines that fit perfectly with modern/contemporary settings but also can fit right into the traditional décor due to their soft sheer fabrics.

Fabrics & Colours

We have a wide selection of fabrics and colours to choose from.  Book a free personalized, no obligation consultation to explore your many options!